2015, Tel Aviv, Israel

Virtual stamp across the city walls – Video art project

Visualization by Jeni Klim

Stamp#1  : The event is for all lovers of Tel Aviv.
 The goal is simple:
 To innovate, to use that we have, to screen and flow!
This time we will turn the wall in the center of Tel Aviv into a source of visual experience and thus leave our first stamp around the city.

Harakevet 10, Tel Aviv

Video art by VGAgood

Stamp#2  : The event is open to all lovers of the city of Tel Aviv, returning to the second round. This time we go to a historic villa on Roadchild Road. A moment before its destruction, we will enter a new air inside! We will use the visual
and the musical instrument to sing our second stamp on the city’s streets. Cheap alcohol and original experience come into the package.

Rotshild 62, Tel Aviv

Video art by VGAgood

Stamp#3  : The third event will take place where every Tel Aviv fan knows.
We will participate in the 5th birthday celebrations for Uganda Tel Aviv.

Simtat Beit Habad 5, Tel Aviv

Video art by VGAgood
by Jeni Klim